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Hartman Walsh was the critical path contractor during the outage at a Power Generating Station in the United States. The project consisted of two extremely corroded Cooling Water Circulating Lines each approximately 900’ long. The corrosion was classified as extreme localized pitting; the pits were located throughout the length of the lines. The extent of the corrosion yielded pits ranging from 1/16” up to through-holes in the 3/8” thick walls.

We performed chloride surface decontamination utilizing chemical injection into 4,000 PSI pressure washers. Dehumidification and heat was utilized in the harsh atmospheric environment to dry the lines and provide a consistent lab-like atmosphere for blasting and coating. Surface preparation was performed via abrasive blasting to provide a SSPC SP-5 White-Metal Grade Blast.

After abrasive blasting was complete and the surface was cleaned, we began the surface repairs on the pitting by rebuilding the substrate to original thickness with ceramic putty. In areas exposed to elevated chemical concentrations, a complete skim coat on the bottom 1/3 of the pipe was repaired.

Finally, we applied a two-coat, 100% solids, zero VOC, epoxy novolac system. This system was applied at 25 mils per coat via plural component spray application. We successfully applied this coating utilizing zero flammable solvents thus completely eliminating the possibly of a fire hazard within the confined space.

This contract was completed earlier than the outage schedule requirements. The owner was so pleased with the outcome that they requested we reline the condenser water boxes before the plant went back online. This project was also completed on time.

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Western USA - Energy
Western USA - Energy
Western USA - Energy