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Specialized Surface Preparation

Hartman Walsh provides a variety of specialized surface cleaning and preparation solutions including:

  • Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water (including Vacuum Recovery Systems)
  • Steel Grit Recycling Systems
  • Sponge Systems
  • Blast Trac Floor Systems
  • Sodium Bicarbonate Systems
  • Blast Recovery Systems

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I've worked with this company for the past two years on a heavy construction project and their commitment to safety is second to none. Under very challenging conditions, their organization, from the top down, always maintained their focus, was very proactive and continuously demonstrated their commitment to the safety and health of their workers. It was clear in working with them that the safety of the workers was more than just a goal or objective to be achieved, rather it was a core value of the company.

-Darren Hendricks, CIH, CSP
Bechtel Parsons