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At Hartman Walsh, safety is more than a program – it’s a commitment and a process designed to protect our employees, our customers and the environment.

Our corporate culture supports a “Zero Injury” philosophy, empowering all employees to do what it takes to achieve zero-injury and zero-incident performance.

We make a financial investment and commitment to safety that exceeds industry standards. We employ a full-time safety director with OSHA 500, 501 certification. We test extensively, both medical and environmental. We train all employees, from field to management staff. We provide continuous job-site safety training and incentive programs.

The Hartman Walsh safety program interfaces directly with your program and needs. Our safety representative reports directly to your management team and has the authority to correct any hazard or unsafe practice on the project.

Hartman Walsh - Safe Workplace Principles

  • Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Zero injuries are possible.
  • Safety is a condition of employment.
  • Every supervisor is responsible for preventing injuries.
  • Employee training is essential for safety and increased awareness.
  • Exposures that may result in injury or illness must be controlled.
  • Safety is as important off the job as on the job.

Safety Stats

  • EMR - 0.56

What satisfied clients have to say...

"The Hartman Walsh commitment to safety is demonstrated by their low incident rates, dedication of personnel to the safety effort and commitment to safety, not only of their employees but also of their customers."

Rex A. Mallekoote
Manufacturing Project Specialist

"Their accident prevention and loss control program is founded on a proactive, top-down management philosophy that all accidents are preventable if employees use the right tool for the job, and use them as they were designed. Their aerial lift safety program is far superior to others in their industry and the construction industry in general."

Joseph J. Bradley, CSP
Loss Control Specialist

"Hartman Walsh has an outstanding commitment to safety and the environment, as demonstrated by their safety program, full-time safety director and 'zero injury' philosophy."

John Schweitzer
Sanofi Aventis

"Management is very committed to no one getting hurt. They employ a full-time safety director and they don’t cut corners. They take pride in a job well done."

Tom Timme
Sourcing Director
Ingersoll Rand

"Hartman Walsh has achieved and maintains an outstanding safety record. They consistently deliver superior quality and service."

Darrel Kalbfleisch
Director of Central Purchasing
Archdiocese of St. Louis


They are one of the few companies to deliver the job 'right the first time.'

-Darrel Kalbfleisch
Archdiocese of St. Louis